By freezing moments that seem amazing to me I try to create my own vision of the world with all the emotions hidden behind the images. It is really rewarding when one's work is appreciated by others.

2017 - Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Faculty of Photography
2016 - Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, Faculty of Graphic Design
2013 - Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, Faculty of New Media Arts

2018 - junior producer in VOGUE POLSKA in Warsaw
2018 - production assistant in FILM REAKTOR in Warsaw
2017 - internship in WELL-ROUNDED DESIGN in Warsaw
2016 - internship in WARSAW CREATIVES in Warsaw
2014 - internship in AGORA in Warsaw
2014 - internship in SHOOTME VISUAL ARTISTS in Warsaw

2018 - Photo exhibition - "Kawa Łyk Sztuki" in Warsaw
2013 - Photo exhibition "Movements" - Gallery "Schody" in Warsaw
2013 - Photo exhibition - "Kepa Cafe" in Warsaw​​​​​​​